Leverage Learning and Growth to Create Raving Fans


Hey, y’all! I’m not saying that singing along to the new Taylor Swift double album is the reason why I have laryngitis this week… but I’m also not saying it’s not. I wouldn’t say I’m down bad as I’m only a little bit sick right now, and I’m hoping it won’t last for a fortnight as that’s when I’m headed to Florida!!! (Okay, sorry, no more TTPD puns.)

Anyway, this week I want to touch on a topic I brought up in the last newsletter, and that is to create raving fans. If you want to create raving fans—and I know you do—the surest way to get there is through continual learning and growth. So let’s talk about it making that happen!

This should be your clients.


The Crystal Ball

Everyone has questions as to what’s going to happen in our business in the next quarter. Specifically, we all want to know three things:

  • Will there be more inventory?

  • Are mortgage rates going to fall?

  • How will the NAR settlement impact the market?

Lisa Sturtevant addresses these questions in her most recent column. While it sounds like inventory will open up, and that we can’t expect much change in the rates, the big question around the settlement remains. The future is unclear and I do not have a crystal ball.

Here’s what I do know—I can’t let what might happen keep me from making progress. Neither should you. The way I make progress is through continuing to get better at my craft, and the most expedient way to get there is by focusing on learning.

The more you hone your craft, the better you’re gonna be at navigating the bumpy road ahead. We can’t control the market, but we can control the way we approach it. So if you have a little down time because your market is slower than you’d like, go to that seminar you’ve been putting off, listen to those podcasts you’ve archived, read that sales book you’ve had beside your bed, hire that coach. Get yourself into the room where other people are learning.

You won’t lose anything, and all you have to gain is everything.


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Like Swifties, Only for Real Estate Agents

Last week, I touched on the topic of creating raving fans, because satisfied clients will work harder for you than even the most clever and aggressive marketing. I can tell y’all about so many times in my career where one happy buyer or seller increased my business tenfold.

So the question is, how do we create raving fans?

We covered a little bit of the Generational Trends Report a few weeks back. I’d like to refer you to it again today, because there’s lots it can teach us.

One of the key points for me was the section on how buyers found their real estate agent. Depending on the age group, between 37 to 53% of those buyers selected their real estate agent based on referral. (Look what fans can do for us!) And the skills buyers found most valuable were: honesty and integrity, knowledge of purchase process, responsiveness, and knowledge of real estate market.

Here’s the thing about those four drivers—half of them require almost no effort. They should be intrinsic. Being honest and having integrity should be our default mode. Do the right thing and we can’t go wrong. Same thing with being responsive. We must set ourselves up with a system where when clients reach out, we can immediately reach back.

The steps that involve a little bit of effort are those of knowing the market and knowing the purchase process. The way to master these steps is to never stop learning, and our education doesn’t even have to be formal. We can learn half of everything we need to know over water cooler conversations alone!

If you’re not growing as an agent, you’ll stagnate. I hate to say it, but I see it every day, those agents who’ve allowed their curiosity to decay. I see it in the uninspired MLS descriptions, in the photos they take themselves from their iPhones, in the marketing material they’ve used since Ronald Reagan held the Oval Office. They’re doing no one any favors and the sure as heck aren’t creating those raving fans we all need to thrive.

The better educated you are, the more you know, the better you can build excitement for your buyers and your sellers, and the more you’ll perpetuate your business.

On IG a few weeks back, I asked y’all what you do to get better at your craft, and here are my favorite answers:

@big_canoe_kelly: Learning and growing every single day! Podcasts, videos, articles, others who happen into my life with intelligent offerings, thought-provoking conversations with my husband, and then there is your insight [Glennda]!

@realtybff: I have a phenomenal broker who does amazingly at providing structured CE and also hosts bi-weekly meetings to discuss and collaborate working through real life situations…

(Side note: I workshop every tough conversation I need to have with clients with my team first. While role playing might feel silly initially, it’s so valuable!)

@msdadrea: Every week I am working to become more knowledgeable in my career. The way the real estate industry is changing, I can’t afford not to!

Oh, msdadrea, I could not have said it better myself.

So, yes, times are uncertain and, sure, there are a lot of looming questions. But if you drill down on your learning and continual education, you can become that star agent who will have your clients singing your praises and basking in the afterglow.


Meet Shannon Gillette!

I am delighted to be hosting Shannon Gillette this week on Glennda’s Guru! Shannon is a real estate agent, a TV host, a public speaker and so much more. I’m so excited for y’all to watch us talk metrics, marketing, and motherhood, so let’s get right to it!

Thank you, Shannon!


Hits Different


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