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While I don’t love to promote Amazon… I do have to say… I have purchased some goodies lately. Had to share. I’m sorry!!!


You’re never going to have buyer’s remorse when you shop secondhand instead of paying full price for lesser quality and character. This week, I’m hitting up Vancouver, and here’s what I’d thrift without a second thought:

I’d say to enjoy your new-to-you pieces, but I already know you will.


Listen, it happens to everyone. Sooner or later, we all purchase something we’ve later come to regret. For me, a shabby chic trunk. I think about it often and cringe………… Now, if you buy a piece of clothing you end up not liking, you can resell it, donate it, or give it to your little sister; it’s an easy fix. But stuff for the home seems tricker; the stakes feel higher if you change your mind.

So, if you don’t have the time, budget, or patience for regrets when it comes to your space, you’ll never be sorry if you invest in the following:

  • The IKEA Hovet Mirror. What’s not to love? This inexpensive piece is almost two yards tall and it’s something you’ll always need. It’s going to open up whatever space you put it in, and if you ever decide you’re over its modern feel, put it in your bathroom where it will continue to tirelessly do its job of reflecting your current ‘fit.

  • Coffee Table Books. First, nothing is a better gift to give or receive. It doesn’t even matter what kind of coffee table book it is, because they’re all beautiful and interesting. They can be cheap and easy to find at thrift stores. And when you stack them up, they become their own stand-alone piece you can use as a display or plant stand. Your decor can be a vehicle for more decor, like Inception for interior design.

  • A Single Statement Tree. I love a single tree. (I am less enthusiastic about walking into a space and thinking, Welcome to the jungle.) I believe every home needs one large piece of greenery. You’re never going to regret putting your money into, say, a nice rubber tree because you’re going to have it forever, as you’ll never want to part with it. We had one in my house growing up and my mom got rid of it when they moved. I’m still sad about this and now I need to have words with Sue.

  • Original Art. When you buy a piece from the artist that they created with their own hands and heart, you’ll never tire of it, regardless of if it’s in or out of style. While it might make its way into different spots in your home, you’re going to want to hold onto it forever. My mom got me a piece from Don’t Fret that’s a graffiti portrait of my dad and it’s a cherished possession. (Okay, Sue, you’re back on the good list.)

  • Quality Picture Frames. Invest in nice frames, whether wooden or something that’s gold and ornate, and you’ll never look back. Get that frame thing taken care of and you can spend the rest of your life swapping art and photos in and out of them. They make the perfect framework for the rest of your interior design.

  • Dimmer Switches. You know how you never turn on the overhead light because it makes your dining room look like an operating room? You don’t need a new fixture, you need a dimmer switch. They’re also cheap enough that you can even install them in your rental and leave them when you move. Or buy the plug-in ones from Amazon and take them with you.

  • Thick and Juicy Cutting Boards. A big ol’ quality cutting board will last you your whole life. Not only are they functional—who doesn’t need to chop or arrange some charcuterie?—but they look better with wear and they make a perfect display place when not in use.

  • Anything Silver. Like that classic red lip thing that you like, silver never goes out of style. Whatever silver you run across, whether it’s cups or candelabras, they are always going to be a nice addition to your credenza or coffee table. You don’t even have to polish the pieces if you don’t want to because aged silver is such a good look.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on something that will last a lifetime. Like the French say, “I regret nothing in my life, except that which I did not do.” Ostensibly, they were talking about buying cutting boards.


Sherwin Williams: Tricorn Black

Finish: Flat or Eggshell

Room Light Level: Mid