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If you don’t already know, I started a little home decor company last year where I release products every few months. And yes, we are back with another drop of pillows! This will be the LAST round of pillows being released so SNAG EM WHILE THEY ARE HOT.

When do they launch? Sunday, April 7th!

Time? Whenever I get myself out of bed. I do have a birthday party to attend the night before. I swear I take my work seriously, I am actually trying to reverse my seriousness.

What kind of pillows? This round we will be releasing standard bed pillows, bolster pillows, mini pillows, square pillows, lumbar pillows, SO MANY PILLOWS !!

Stay tuned for next weeks newsletter for photos from the shoot and possibly early access to the launch…

Thank you all so much for supporting WAS. This truly is fulfilling me like no man ever could. LOL.


This week, we’re taking in all the best of what’s available in the oldest capital city in the U.S. Nope, not Plymouth, MA, not Jamestown, VA, not St. Augustine, FL—we’re in Santa Fe, home to a vibrant art and food scene… and also Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.

Here are my favorite thrifted finds that Santa Fe has to offer and, in the words of Emo Phillips, they won’t cost you an arm and a dillo:

See you on the Margarita Trail.


This month, I’ve partnered with to highlight real estate listings I love in various cities across the country. This week, I’m looking at aspirational homes in Santa Fe. The first thing you’ll notice is that almost all the buildings are the same color, as they’re made from sun-dried clay brick because of its thermal properties. (FYI, they actually get all four seasons here, so they need the hot and cold insulation.) In 1957, the city mandated this style for all buildings in the historical district, so you’re going to need to dig terracotta colored exteriors. Also, pack your sunscreen, because they get 300 sunny days per year.

First up, let’s check out 503 Camino del Monte Sol:

This listing is less of a house and more of a “compound,” and it is truly spectacular. The home has fully restored Pueblo style Spanish Colonial architecture and the hand-scraped woodwork is breathtaking, starting at the front door. And when you have fireplaces this intricate, you don’t even need additional art. Also, it doesn’t have a yard, it has “grounds.” Prepare to stroll them.

Even though it’s listed at $15m, there’s something so welcoming and inviting about the home, like you could have kids and dogs running through it without issue. And the details in the archways give such a sense of place. I appreciate how the owners leaned into the space with their decor, instead of trying to force some other style on it. Five stars, no notes.

Next up, here’s 196 Overlook Road:

When Nancy Meyers makes her next movie about Diane Keaton relocating to the Southwest to get her groove back, this is the home she imagines. This open commercial-grade kitchen is literally everything with an 18-foot island they call Pangaea. (Which makes sense, because the seller is a cookbook author.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the 160 year old Amish barn beams on the ceiling or the bricked walk-in bathtub. If you can’t picture Diane in that thing sipping a chardonnay as she heals enough to find love again with her artist neighbor James Brolin, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Let’s take a peek at 96 Double Arrow Road:

This example of Pueblo Revival architecture is for anyone who wants outdoor living with an unbeatable view. (Look at how gorgeous it is even when covered in snow!) All of it is a dream—the outdoor fireplace, the courtyard, all the covered seating areas. Inside is just as dreamy with 16-foot ceilings and light pouring in from all sides. I will never not love a bathroom with a fireplace. Fact.

The only downside with this place is if your family comes to visit, know that they are never going to want to leave. You’ve been warned.

And finally, here’s 2300 Wilderness Heights Road:

This home is nestled in the Jemez mountains where both the sunrises and sunsets must be spectacular. I would claim the bedroom where the sleeping area is surrounded on three sides by windows. I love the beamed ceilings and all the interesting tiling in the bathrooms, and I can’t stop coveting that double Viking range. Don’t even start me on that greenhouse.

There’s such a specific type of architecture in Santa Fe, and I am here for it. Everything feels so solid and the homes do such a good job of bringing the outdoors indoors. No wonder that creative types are flocking here and that it’s a UNESCO Creative City.

The only drawback about is Santa Fe is that it’s known for having the worst drivers in the country, largely because of their confusing street system and people’s propensity to drive below the speed limit. To this, I imagine Boston says, “Hold my beer.”

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