It’s me Paige again and welcome back to my newsletter!

So.. I am assuming all you want to do right now is shop, so I’m leaning into it. Get the spending out of the way so you can enjoy the holiday season..  get yourself a gd pomegranate martini. 

Here’s a collection of my favorite not-basic merchants for the not-basic people on your list. Also, you’re allowed to be on your own shopping list if you find something you want for yourself.

Let’s go.

You know what’s interesting? Items with a past. So check out these shops with historic items to spare. 

Shop Biddy
You want a vintage piece that makes everyone say, “OMG, where did you get that?” Here. Here is where you get it.

Cousin Home
Items for your home that are warm, not cool. (Except they’re cool, too.)

Collection Agency 
The one collection agency you’ll want to hear from. Curated furniture, vessels, and objects for sale and rent. (Don’t rent a present; it’s weird.)

The Oblist 
Because timeless objects like these prevent overconsumption, sourced from emerging and established designers globally.

Carefully Curated Studio 
Western minimalist design, but not, you know, yee-haw Western.

Studio Casso
Heading across the pond for curated finds for considered homes. Like yours.

The best of what you can buy without breaking the bank.

Form Vintage 
Form follows function and you should follow Form.

Midwest Mobiles 
Where whimsy meets elegance. Abstract, modern, and no two mobiles are alike.

Momo Gordan
Your source for print and original sequential fine art and experimental comics sure to start conversations.

Wyatt Bunce 
Glorious and colorful statement pieces, and an artist open to painting inquiries. Shop before he’s too famous to chat.

Striking line drawings for walls or skin. Your call.

Gillian Bryce Gallery
Curating the best of 20th century art and design. Check out the botanicals before they sell out.

On Wednesday, we wear whatever the hell we want.

Handcrafted, unique, wearable art from a studio in Montreal. (That means jewelry, FYI.)

Le Sports Sac
Iconic functionality, practical luxury, and stylish simplicity. For him or her. Or me.

American Trench – All Socks
Crafted from materials like cashmere, wool slub, and alpaca, these are the socks you want to get for Christmas.

Cozy knit cardis, beanies, scarves and more–for all seasons.

Worthy gifts for any occasion… or when you just need a treat.

Danny's Mudshop 
Wheel-thrown vases, tableware, and planters from an L.A. potter who is not Seth Rogan.

Addieway Books
Rare and unique coffee table books you won’t find elsewhere.

Lighter Case
A personalized and premium case, like a little jewel of a lighter if Paloma Picasso were to have designed them.

Tissue Holder 
A simple, elegant silhouette that will look a million times better than the square paper cube currently residing on your end table.

Moma Design Store 
Whether you’re looking for a Basquiat basketball or a Starry Night LEGO kit, this store will appeal to everyone with taste on your list. 

Unnameable Books 
A collection of unique books your guests will want to sneak into their handbags. Buy them their own instead.

Hot Water Bottle 
You don’t have to live in Downton Abbey to need a BPA-free hot water bottle.

Hot Water Bottle Cover 
Because you don’t want a naked hot water bottle. Obvi.

A European marketplace for vintage and contemporary design that isn’t IKEA.

Knife Rest 
So you don’t have to lay your cutlery on the table, like an animal.

What if a brass lamp finial is the only thing standing between you and anarchy? Then what? 

Beeswax Candles
These natural candle lanterns should be all of your beeswax.

Italian nonna chic? Barbiecore? Your one-stop shop for found objects and more.

Their mission is to introduce beautiful Japanese tableware to the US. Mission accomplished.

Another one-stop shop for everything from watches to decor to books to a Danish medium panda.

Waldia & Company
Bold original works, prints, and a virtual pop culture yard sale.

Everything Store
Bringing artist-made objects and ephemera to Chicago.

Neptune Papers Issue Three
For every design aficionado in your life.

Tactile textiles, sleepwear, bedding, and more.

Deiji Studios
I don’t even know who I am if I’m not recommending pillow slips.

That’s enough for one day.