Like Fine Wine

I’m Paige Wassel. WAS the Newsletter is your weekly dose of design inspiration, where the two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

I’m busy being an indoor cat this week because Los Angeles is neither warm nor sunny. Regardless, here’s what’s currently defrosting my chilly heart:

  • This new mirror shelf thing I just bought from FB Marketplace. You can see it all in my “home update” video this Sunday, so keep an eye out my friends.

  • A cold Modelo.

  • I have this thrifted jacket that I have never really worn and it has just collected dust in my closet for years. I recently re-discovered the baby boy and it is now my favorite jacket. I love when that happens. It’s rare……… but it happens!!

  • Don’t forget that I’m hosting a pop-up on June 22nd in Chicago! And you’ll have access to the next WAS drop launching June 23rd with Able Shoppe. Here’s a flyer with deets in case you need to plan your roadtrip. Also, summer in Chicago is always a good idea.


Am I ever not on the hunt for great stuff? No. (Obviously.) I mean, what if I didn’t and I missed that one amazing find? This week, I’m thrifting in Los Angeles (again) because it is HOBBY.

Get out there and thrift; you’ll never regret it.


Hard truth—decorating your home can be difficult and expensive.

Home design isn’t like fashion, where you can pick up something on the cheap and then get rid of it at the end of the season. Even “a cheap couch” is pricey, unless you find one free on the street and don’t mind bringing home bedbugs.

So let’s make the process less difficult and less expensive. No matter where you are in your relationship with good design, you can’t go wrong if you remember these fundamentals as you build out your space:

  • Take Your Time. This is the most important point. I understand everyone wants it all now, now, now, but I promise you’ll be happier with your design if you gradually collect pieces over time. When you buy too fast, you often buy twice. And again, even inexpensive couches aren’t cheap.

  • Look for Inspiration IRL. You might not know what your style is yet, and that’s okay. It’s not a race. Your assignment is to start noticing what you like. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from hotels to restaurants to your friends’ homes to TikTok. When you do see something you like, parse out WHY you like it. Do you actually love the lines of the vintage apothecary cabinet piece your buddy bought, or is it that you’re coveting all the organization it offers? Do you love that hanging tapestry in the hotel bar, or are you into how it creates a feeling of warmth? Examining your own reactions will guide you to better choices.

  • Lean into What’s Meaningful. If you have a piece that’s meaningful to you, even if it’s something small, think about how you can build your design around it. If your nana’s Carnival glass is special to you and you want it on display, pick pieces that will compliment it so you don’t feel like your design is constantly fighting it.

  • Cull Your Social Media. We’re all inspired by what we see in our feeds. But check in with yourself—do you actually still like the taste of the people you’ve been following forever? If their style doesn’t resonate with you or forward your design inspo (and they’re not fun to hate-watch), it’s probably time to unfollow.

  • Document, Document, Document. I make a Pinterest board for everything. I don’t know how anyone designs a space without a mood board because it will help you curate. It’s just a visual vibe check, and so useful. I also recommend a the lower-tech option of writing down what you like when you see it, so you can reference it when you make decisions.

  • Don’t Slap a Label on It. This advice comes from one of my viewers and I wholeheartedly agree. If you decide your style is, say, MCM and only MCM, this can prevent you from considering other pieces you’d otherwise love. The best design is layered and comes from years of curation, so don’t paint yourself into a corner by only considering one kind of style.

Think of your design like this—going on vacation is always amazing, but how much fun is the planning, the shopping around for options, and the deciding? The anticipation of what’s to come is its own satisfaction, so don’t rush.

Enjoy the process. Curate. Find great things. Bless up.

And please don’t bring home bedbugs.


PPG : Wandering Willow

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