It's All Happening

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I’ve got so much going on this weekend, I barely know where to start.

First, I’m currently at my parents’ place in Chicago because I’m hosting a pop-up this weekend. Here are the details if they haven’t already been shoved in your face…

Are we really All Together Now if you don’t come?

I’m selling a few exclusive items at the pop-up which you won’t be able to purchase online, so if you’re in Chicago, join us! Special shout-out to Carmela Bartolome for designing the flyer. (If you love her eye as much as I do, you can find her work on Instagram here and here.)

Not only are we going to be featuring my new table linen line (more on that in a sec), but Kate will be selling vintage framed artwork. Sourced and curated over the past year, everything is one-of-a-kind, custom matted, and made with blood, sweat, and breakup tears.

The only thing hotter than the temps this weekend will be this event, heh.

Sunday is just as big a day. I’m super proud of my partnership with Liv Deehan of the vintage store Able Shoppe. You might have been following along when we met last year and I featured her place on my “Check Out This F***ing Home” video.

Liv and I became friends on Instagram. I really love her style, so we created a table linen series together. We sourced our fabrics in Chicago and Los Angeles and had everything manufactured in LA, so… USA! USA! More important, every item is such high-quality and it’s all made to be flipped, mixed, and matched. Love. We’re selling things in sets of four so you can further mix and match, like Garanimals for adults with discerning taste. We’ve got table linens, napkins, aprons, coasters, and a couple of wine totes, one that’s available online and one that’s exclusive to the event.

We’ve been working on this project since February, so it’s a true labor of love. We’re hoping to go live around June 23rd, at 12:00 pm Central on WAS The Store. Here’s the exclusive sneak preview for my newsletter subscribers, a sampling of the goods:

Last, because apparently I want to do all the things in a single weekend, I’m dropping a new video series called “Let Me Decorate Your Home.” You’ll see the full bedroom renovation I did for my friend Basma. I am smitten with the results.

You’ll have to tune in to see Ep 1…. Ep 2 coming next Sunday! But I will share some screen grabs of this incredible intro created by motion designer Lea Kichler, you are going to LOVE (I think lol).

Lea’s in New York and does a lot of freelance work for Conde Nast, so she’s

the real deal. You can check out her Instagram here, and the photos below:

Then on Monday, find me lounging in a body of water with a drink in my hand. I feel like I’ll have earned it.


Benjamin Moore: Blue Echo

Finish: Eggshell

Room Light Level: Mid