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Because it’s a holiday weekend…well, over here in America, we love to celebrate our OLD ASS PRESIDENTS by chugging 17 beers and stuffing hotdogs down our throats… Anyways, I thought I would throw together a little photo montage of my trip back to the midwest. Do you even care? No. But could this be fun to browse when bored? Sure! 

I hope you smoke a little J, lay in bed, and say to yourself “who even is this bish and why do I care about her trip?”

CHICAGO. My parents' place. Well, kind of. Their neighbor let me stay in their coach house, so we connected backyards. My sister got us walkie talkies of course. It was an ideal stay. MY OWN LITTLE HOUSE. Good for avoiding tiffs and saying cutting words you don’t mean. 

Some WAS pop-up BTS. WHAT A DAY. 

I even worked a prop styling gig while here. I still like to stretch that muscle and genuinely enjoy being on set. SO, when I have the time to take on these gigs, I do!

MICHIGAN. We sit. We eat. We drink. WE THRIFT. I also have been working on a kitchen renovation with my dad since January. It’s finally coming together. I will be doing a full newsletter on that before/after sometime soon. Just need to get my shit together and take some photos. 

Now go enjoy some fresh air and turn off your email notifications. I even turned off my hinge notifications. Crazy. I know. 

Happy Fourth of July y'all! Who knows, maybe I will be moving to Canada next year…..


Benjamin Moore: Cloud White

Finish: Any

Room Light Level: Any