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In this week’s episode, Glennda Baker sits down with Raleigh Realtor Gretchen Coley, with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. The Coley Group, founded and led by Gretchen, has spent over two decades working directly with builders and developers to create, and effectively market, master-planned communities and the homes within them. Gretchen is known for her innovative use of technology, social media, video, and digital marketing in real estate. These and her other cutting-edge marketing approaches have led to exceptional results for her clients, closing over 1000 homes totaling over $500 million. In this episode Glennda and Gretchen discuss:

🌟 How Gretchen got into the real estate industry and how she built her team

🌟Using social media and video content as a marketing tool.

🌟 How fitness and nutrition play a part in Gretchen’s journey

🌟Being a leader for women in Compass and in the industry

🌟What it takes to make it in real estate

🌟 What’s next for Gretchen Coley team

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