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On this episode of The Standouts, Aaron chats with Arvin Haddad, a Los Angeles-based real estate agent and former co-star of CNBC’s television series “Listing Impossible.” Renowned for his unique content on TikTok, Arvin shares insights into his commitment to authenticity and providing value in his real estate reviews on social media. You’ll hear how this strategic approach not only sets him apart but also translates into numerous successful sales and referrals.

Arvin also discusses the development of his AI-based platform ZipSmart.ai, a unique product designed to accurately forecast and time the real estate market. Arvin provides key advice to all industry professionals – staying true to oneself, continuously learning, and above all, striving to add value to clients. Whether you’re a budding real estate agent seeking inspiration or an established professional eager for a fresh perspective, this episode is a must-listen for all things real estate and content creation.

Guest Bio:

Arvin Haddad brings nearly a decade of experience in the Los Angeles real estate market and a stellar reputation to The Agency’s Beverly Hills office. Known for his massive following on TikTok, Arvin is highly regarded by clients and local agents alike. Specializing in L.A.’s luxury market, Arvin’s stellar networking skills have earned him a strong roster of repeat clients, and he is respected and trusted within the industry. He was the co-star of CNBC’s “Listing Impossible,”, A graduate of California Polytechnic State University, and is fluent in Farsi and Spanish. In his free time, he enjoys running and spending time with his family.

Guest Quote

“I think you’re really adding true value. By giving a third-person opinion. And when you look at it across many different industries, you have it in, you know, Carfax, right? You have it in restaurants, Michelin stars. You have it in restaurants, Yelp, you know, like all that, all that infrastructure already exists. But for single-family homes, there’s no such a thing.”

“It’s like an AI inside me, you know, where I see a property and I’m like, boom, this is how much it’s gonna go for. This is how much it’s worth. This would be a good deal. This would be a bad deal. And it just happens instantly. And that only comes if you do what I do.”

Time Stamps:

  • * (00:01) Meet Arvin
  • * (01:07) Arvin’s Beginning as a Content Creator
  • * (02:43) “Listing Impossible” 
  • * (09:10) Representing your Brand Online
  • * (13:37) Should you show the good and the bad?  
  • * (16:20) Sales coming from content
  • * (20:23) Arvin’s New AI Software Venture: ZipSmart
  • * (26:59) AI’s role in Real Estate
  • * (31:00) Arvin’s Leap of Faith
  • * (38:39) Arvin’s Favorite Content Creators

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