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This episode features an interview with Sandy Grushow, CEO at Phase 2 Media. With an awe-inspiring career of over 25 years in entertainment media, Sandy’s legacy includes roles such as the former President of Fox’s television network, former President of Fox’s television studio, and former Chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group. And there’s more – he’s also none other than Aaron’s dad!

In this episode, Aaron talks to Sandy about his journey through the corporate labyrinth, harnessing self-doubt as fuel for success, navigating media’s digital revolution, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Guest Bio:

Sandy Grushow is one of a rare breed of senior entertainment executives who has successfully married his vast experience in traditional media with the explosive world of digital and social media and technology. After helping to build the Fox broadcast network from its earliest day, Grushow went on to achieve creative, financial, and strategic leadership success as chairman of the broadcast network as well as Fox’s television studio, where his tenure saw the debut of the “American Idol” juggernaut along with major hits such as “24,” ”House,” ”Malcolm in the Middle,” and “The OC.”

Today, Grushow is the CEO of Phase 2 Media, a strategic and creative advisory practice. As CEO, Grushow applies his 25 years of experience running two entertainment businesses with revenues in excess of a billion dollars to guide Phase 2 Media in serving its clients’ strategic business and creative/content/marketing/branding needs. 

Phase 2 Media’s advisory practice works primarily with early stage companies in the digital and social media and technology spaces, including social content and distribution, OTT content providers, data and analytics platforms, mobile and PC-based gaming, e-commerce, ad tech, and digital content creation. Companies currently engaged with Phase 2 Media’s advisory practice include Tubi (acquired), Shareability, Winston House, Monica & Andy, 3BlackDot (acquired), Tradesy, Pathmatics (acquired), DramaFever (acquired), Two Bit Circus, Plus Capital, Vody, Firework, Spree, Mutual Markets, Favored.live, eToro (Israel), Real Hype, Tomorrow (New Zealand), Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

Grushow most recently served as a long-time board member for the industry’s largest ad-supported streaming video service, Tubi (acquired by Fox) and The Weather Channel (acquired by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios). He currently serves as a board member for Monica & Andy, a digitally native vertical brand in the “Mom’s” space and Ghostcast, an audio-focused social media platform.

Guest Quote

“The key is to add value without being threatening. And I know you didn’t ask this question, but I think it’s one of the more valuable pieces of advice I could offer your audience. This isn’t just in the context of a corporate environment, this is in the context of being an entrepreneur or being a real estate agent. And that is, there’s nothing more important than aligning yourself with a great boss, somebody who’s willing to mentor you.” – Sandy Grushow

Time Stamps:

* (00:01) Intro

* (00:33) Sandy’s career journey

* (02:55) From Intern to corporate leader

* (08:38) Ventures as a younger VP 

* (10:16) Sandy’s career-defining mentors

* (12:43) The Princess Bride and discovering Sandy’s hidden talents  

* (19:09) Overcoming rejection and self-doubt

* (21:12) Best Hollywood moments

* (25:05) Modern vs. traditional fame pathways

* (27:57) Navigating media’s digital revolution 

* (32:56) Sandy’s role in Tubi TV

* (38:03) Advice for young entrepreneurs

* (40:13) Sandy’s inspirations

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