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Today, you’ll be hearing from Glennda Baker, real estate agent, content creator, and marketing guru. Known for her authentic, direct style of communication, Glennda continues to succeed in the real estate business after almost 30 years soley through referrals.

Aaron and Glennda sit down to discuss how she’s pioneered an “agent-first” mentality, and why it’s important to be undoubtedly memorable. Her personal branding journey started in 1992 with a novel idea: putting her headshot on her business card. In this episode, Glennda shares stories on how she gets clients to come to her: from being authentic, to wearing only clothing with stars on it, to talking to strangers at an Atlanta Braves game.

About Glennda:

Glennda Baker is a prominent and distinctive figure in American real estate, known for her innovative marketing style and superior networking skills. Specializing in residential real estate sales in the Atlanta metro area and all over the state of Georgia, she was the first agent in 1995 to sell a single family residential property in excess of $5,000,000.00. Her clients range from first time home buyers, builders, primary home purchasers, investors and luxury home buyers.

She’s gained national recognition as one of Newsweek’s America’s Best Agents, a true testament to her expertise and success in the industry. And if you’re on TikTok, you might just stumble upon her viral content, where she has a massive following of over 800K fans and 15M+ likes. 

In 2021, she sold 2 of the most expensive homes on the market in America, and continues to be a thought leader and educator on relationship-building and personal branding for real estate agents.


“Why do I think that people stick with me? Why do I think that people come back for more? Number one: I am relatable. I’m a normal person. I have two kids, my hair is crazy half the time, I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be. The information that I’m telling people, It’s not bullshit information. It’s real. This is really what happens from contract to closing, from listing to contract when you show a house. It’s real estate, in real life, in real time. So it makes it very, very relevant.” – Glennda Baker

“It’s about people. It’s about what people do in houses. It’s about how people live in houses. And as soon as you figure that out and you can tell the story about that, I think that that’s what people love the most.”  – Glennda Baker

“I have learned that I would much rather control the narrative of Glennda more than I want anybody else to, and video gave me the opportunity to really be myself, demonstrate my expertise, demonstrate my knowledge… There is no better source than you to curate the narrative of your life, and your business.”  – Glennda Baker

Time Stamps:

(2:45) Glennda’s First Steps in making content

(7:39) What really resonates with your audience?

(10:28) Storytelling is #1

(16:47) “Oh, my Stars!” Creating a visual identity

(26:38) Putting your authentic self out there

(31:25) From TikTok to closing in 57 days

(38:58) Listening leads to clients

(42:25) What’s next for Glennda Baker

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