Why Glennda Baker Collaborated With Opendoor | Glennda’s Guru

In this episode of Glennda’s Guru, Glennda Baker sits down with Nick Boniakowski, the Head of Agent Partnerships at Opendoor, where he oversees program strategy, growth and sales enablement to help the agent community. As an agent with Coldwell Banker, Glennda’s priority is always her clients.

They discuss:
🌟Nick’s background in real estate and what led him to Opendoor.
🌟The catalyst that led Opendoor to be, not a competitor, but a collaborator with real estate agents.
🌟Using Opendoor as an option within your existing workflows
🌟Clarity and certainty that Opendoor provides
🌟The easy and efficient process of presenting an Opendoor offer to clients
🌟Opendoor’s commitment to growing and getting better for real estate agents.

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