Glennda Baker’s $5million Real Estate Referral from Social Media

🔑 Time to delve into the personal journeys of real estate and social media trailblazers and unearth the pivotal moments that shaped their careers. 🏠

☀️ The Standouts, hosted by SoCal luxury realtor and one of social media’s most followed real estate agents, Aaron Grushow, explores the nuances behind growing a massive online following and creating compelling, authentic content that translates into business.

In this episode, Aaron sits down with one of the most recognized faces in real estate, Glennda Baker. She’s been doing real estate “since Jesus was a baby,” and she knows a thing or two about personal branding and building a massive online audience.

You don’t want to miss Glennda’s breakdown of:

1️⃣ The importance of building your personal brand and the first steps in how to do it.

2️⃣ How she got a $5million listing from a social media referral.

3️⃣ The thing that kickstarted her real estate career and set her apart from the rest.

4️⃣ Choosing a social media platform and sticking with it.

5️⃣ How to make personable and engaging content for your brand.

There’s SO much insight and valuable tips in this episode; you’re definitely going to want to take notes.

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