Inside the Mind of a Media Maverick with Sandy Grushow | Entertainment Media Executive

This episode of The Standouts features an interview with Sandy Grushow, CEO at Phase 2 Media. With an awe-inspiring career of over 25 years in entertainment media, Sandy’s legacy includes roles such as the former President of Fox’s television network, former President of Fox’s television studio, and former Chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group. And there’s more – he’s also none other than Aaron’s dad!

In this episode, Aaron talks to Sandy about his journey through the corporate labyrinth, harnessing self-doubt as fuel for success, navigating media’s digital revolution, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Grab your notepad, you don’t want to miss this interview!

☀️ Welcome to The Standouts, hosted by SoCal luxury realtor and one of social media’s most followed real estate agents, Aaron Grushow. We’ll be exploring the nuances behind growing a massive online following and creating compelling, authentic content that translates into business.

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