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On this episode, Aaron welcomes Maya Vander, luxury real estate agent known for her role on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset.” Maya shares her journey from moving to Los Angeles in 2002 from Israel, initially for love, and how she transitioned into real estate after the relationship ended. She later joined the Oppenheim Group and became a key member of the cast of “Selling Sunset.” 

The discussion touches on the challenges Maya faced, given her limited network and the competitive nature of the industry, as well as her experiences on the reality TV show. They delve into the differences between the show’s portrayal of real estate and the realities of the profession, emphasizing the hard work and challenges involved.

Maya reflects on the importance of having an online presence in the real estate industry and highlights how being meticulous in marketing and branding can make a significant difference in your business. She discusses her role as a team leader for the Maya Vander Group, her desire to support her team members, and the challenges of building a business and network in Miami. Maya’s insights provide valuable advice for aspiring real estate agents and those looking to build a personal brand in the field.


Maya Vander, is a well-known television personality, real estate agent, and entrepreneur, celebrated for her appearances on the popular reality web series “Selling Sunset.”

Maya’s early exposure to her family’s investments in properties and home flipping ignited her passion for real estate from a young age. She officially entered the real estate industry after completing her education, initially working part-time. In 2011, she joined Nourmand And Associates as a real estate agent, later working at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., before making the significant career move to The Oppenheim Group in 2015. Currently, Maya serves as a Realtor Associate at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Miami while also pursuing her roles as a television personality and entrepreneur.

Maya’s personal life includes her marriage to her husband, whom she met in Los Angeles before moving to Miami when he received a job offer. In her free time, Maya enjoys cooking, beach outings, walking her dog, teaching Pilates, spending time with her children, and indulging in TV shows like Ozarks and Game of Thrones. She is multilingual, speaking English, Hebrew, and Dutch.


“The key is to have some sort of schedule, and time block for the important things. So, if you want to prospect: Block two hours of your day. Whether if you go sit in Starbucks and talk to people, or go to the dog park with your dog, or if you want to  cold call, block those two hours to build your pipeline!” – Maya Vander

Time Stamps:

  • *(2:02) Maya’s start in real estate
  • *(04:15) Oppenheim group’s first billboard
  • *(05:41) Pitching Selling Sunset
  • *(9:13) Filming a reality TV show
  • *(11:57) Is Selling Sunset a realistic portrayal of real estate
  • *(17:05) Advice for new agents
  • *(25:40) Would you do Selling Sunset again?


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