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On this Episode, Aaron sits down with Toby Corban, the UK’s most followed and most watched real estate agent, and the founder of the Corban Group. They discuss how Toby’s start in the corporate world, and his transition into becoming a self-employed real estate broker. Toby talks about the impact of COVID-19 on his early brokerage efforts, his foray into social media, and how his first videos on TikTok skyrocketed his visibility in the industry, leading to increased engagement with potential clients. 

Toby reveals how leveraging social media has helped him transition from primarily renting properties, to securing direct listings and offers. They discuss the differences in the real estate industry between the UK and the US, with Toby explaining the brokerage model in the US and comparing it to the primarily salary-based UK industry. Toby endorsed collaboration and partnerships as a strategy for growing his business, mentioning specific collaborations in Paris. 

Guest Bio

Toby Corban, a dynamic entrepreneur and real estate maven, boasts a rich background in business and communications, having honed his skills at New York City’s Baruch College. After a decade in the United States, Corban returned to his roots in London, where he founded the Corban Group in 2019. As the visionary leader of the Corban Group, he oversees a comprehensive spectrum of real estate services, from sales and property searches to leasing, all underscored by a commitment to leveraging innovation and technology to connect clients with their ideal homes. With a captivating online presence across LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, Toby has cultivated a massive following of 445,000 enthusiasts, utilizing these platforms to provide immersive virtual tours of luxurious properties in some of London’s most coveted neighborhoods. Renowned for his world-class marketing strategies, Toby has propelled the Corban Group to exponential reach, establishing a reputation for excellence. His clientele, including luminaries in sports, media, and entertainment, attests to his prowess as a top-tier agent in the industry.


“That for me, was a sign. There are potential buyers, renters, and clients on here. So, this is a space I should be on.” – Toby Corban

Time Stamps:

  • *(0:24) The beginning of Toby’s journey in content creation
  • *(4:03) The surreality of social media’s reach
  • *(6:21) What content performs best on different platforms?
  • *(9:47) Diversifying content
  • *(13:48) Advice for new content creators
  • *(16:58) Staying consistent with making content
  • *(18:36) What social media has done for Toby’s business
  • *(21:00) Realtors in the US vs. the UK 
  • *(23:25) Toby’s international network
  • *(28:13) What’s next for Toby
  • *(30:04) Toby’s influences


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