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Today, you’ll be hearing from Robert Rivani, real estate agent and content creator.. Known for his flashy, unique personal branding, Robert has made waves in the commercial real estate arena with his company, Black Lion Investment group, focusing on revitalizing commercial properties with stylish, unorthodox renovations.

Aaron and Robert discuss his start in entrepreneurship, his presence on social media, and how the purchase and creation of his dream home, Castle Rivani, elevated his success. Robert shares the ups and downs of his career, and how he stands out in the often un-sexy world of commercial real estate.

About Robert:

Robert Rivani, President of Black Lion Investment Group, is an accomplished American entrepreneur, renowned for his contributions in retail entertainment and real estate development. Born in 1990, Rivani’s journey began with the sale of his teenage footwear company for an impressive $150,000. During the 2008 economic downturn, Rivani capitalized on opportunities within his family’s property management firm, uncovering potential in acquiring and revitalizing low-cost properties for resale. His expertise expanded from Georgia to Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas, marked by a mastery of the 1031 exchange. Notably, he founded Black Lion Investment Group in 2014, a name symbolizing his unique approach to real estate. Under his leadership, the company has achieved over $500 million in real estate transactions across the US, consistently doubling growth. Rivani’s innovative spirit thrives, demonstrated by his transformation of vacant spaces into thriving retail and entertainment landmarks that foster community benefits. Inspired by Miami’s vibrant lifestyle, he concentrates on entertainment-focused projects across South Florida. Rivani’s dedication to shaping trends rather than following them ensures a dynamic future as he invests another $100+ million into the region.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Rivani embraces disciplined routines and athletic dedication, particularly in tennis and basketball. He cherishes quality time with his wife, global travel, and culinary exploration. 


“Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to hire the right team. Having the right team is the most important thing to create the future for yourself, because if you think you’ll be a one man show and become a billionaire, it’s never gonna happen.” – Robert Rivani

Time Stamps:

(0:50) How Robert is a stand-out

(3:05) Letting his personality speak through his properties

(6:16) Bringing Miami’s flare to a failing property in New Jersey

(11:00) Robert’s young hustle in designer shoes

(14:00) Advice for young commercial real estate agents

(16:12) Working hard for your happiness

(18:57) A catalyst for growth on social media

(24:10) Evolving as an entrepreneur

(27:20) Being confident as a new entrepreneur

(29:57) Robert’s best and worst investments

(34:43) What’s next for Robert

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