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Ricky Carruth is no stranger to the real estate industry. With 20+ years of experience, and a pioneer of content creation on social media, Ricky and Aaron are cut from the same cloth.

He takes us through his personal journey: roofing houses, the market crash in 2008, and how his massive online following started inside a small, private Facebook group. 

Many real estate agents struggle with personal branding online. Ricky has made it his mission to demonstrate how any agent can lean into their strengths, mix traditional selling techniques with social media, and actively work for leads and referrals by choosing the content they post.


 ”Your story, your transparency, your uniqueness, that’s what separates yourself. You know what I mean? Everybody’s wondering how to stand out on social, and stand out as a real estate agent, and stand out in this noisy world, and it’s really about just being who you are.” – Ricky Carruth

Time Stamps:

  • * (:01) Intro
  • * (8:29) What is a personal brand in real estate?
  • * (12:53) Local vs. Global audience
  • * (19:15) Not just “making videos”
  • * (27:17) The future of real estate and technology
  • * (28:39) Ricky’s real estate mentors


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